Gold Digging

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Gold digger=HookerSo I recently met this youngish girl. In that transitional phase between high school and university. Pretty girl. She likes to shop, and likes the nicer stuff. Here’s the problem. When you’re at that stage in life, your income doesn’t match your expensive tastes. What to do? Well, look forward to a time when you’ll have an income that matches your tastes. Perservere. Improvise. Find your own style that doesn’t cost a ton. Realize that labels are kinda useless. Or…become a prostitute. Sort of. Find a guy a little bit older, with some money, who will buy you all the nice things you want, and let you live the lifestyle you want in exchange for being his “girlfriend.” Money (gifts, nice things) for sex (girlfriend thing) = prostitution.

Calgary is a wealthy city, and this isn’t an isolated incident. It’s not just women who are to blame. You see these guys cruising 17th in their fancy cars (Lambos, Porsches, Escalades, H2s) with bad dance music blaring, oversize sunglasses on. All the money in a world can’t buy a personality. Lots of wealthy guys are bankrupt when it comes to intellect or personality. But there are plenty of women who eat this shit up. Instead of asking what you’re reading, they ask what you’re driving. Instead of asking what you think about, they ask what you make (about.)

This is not to say that there aren’t wealthy guys who aren’t douchebags. In my circle of friends, there are some people that make a really good living. But none of us flaunt it, or use it to get ahead socially. It’s secondary to personality and being human.

Is it just me?

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  1. S Says:

    its true, if you ask the girls like that what their goal is, its to marry rich…
    we get labels and crap pushed into our faces,so lots of people think that’s should be their way of life..

  2. Sarah Says:

    I myself am a young girl in that transitional stage between high school and university, and I would much rather work for my own money and my own stuff than pretend to like some wealthy guy so that he’d give it to me. For me, the Bank of Mom and Dad closed years ago, and I think the reason why so many girls in my age group are gold diggers is because their parents gave them everything they wanted when they were younger. It’s more gratifying to earn your own money, and by the time you can afford whatever expensive thing you want, you’ll most likely want to spend the money on something more important (groceries, gas, etc.)

  3. Marcus Says:

    So Sarah, you think that mouthafying some 50 something year old wang ISN’T earning some expensive “wants?”

  4. Sarah Says:

    Hey Marcus, I think mouthafying wang for expensive wants has a specific word:
    1 : the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.

    Sure, being a hooker is a job, and I’m willing to bet that most prostitutes work hard at what they do, but it’s also, ya know, illegal.

    I’m just saying that there are SOME girls out there who don’t have to get by in life by selling out their bodies and taking advantage of lonely old men (unless they actually like being gold dug - everyone should be happy) just so they can have the next trendy thing.

  5. Marcus Says:

    It’s sorta tough to play the Devil’s advocate when I believe in what you are saying!

    Anyway if it’s so clearly prostitution then why doesn’t someone arrest them and press charges? Is it because these girls aren’t eyesores or a stain on our already disgusting culture?

    Sadly this argument will always end up back at the beginning. :(

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