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timberlake.jpgApparently there are plenty of people in Calgary who have bad taste in music (and radio for that matter.) So much so that there was an actual petition and effort to convince Justin Timberlake to bring his mediocre brand of music to this city. Well we’ve decided to form a group to ban Timberlake from Calgary, and it looks like it’s been a smashing success, as Justin isn’t coming here on his current tour. Thanks for your support, but make sure you join the facebook group and sign the petition to make sure this monster of mediocrity never comes here.



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  1. Lisa Says:

    I really don’t mind that other people in the world like other bands than I don’t like. What is the big deal? I didn’t choose to be right handed, and I don’t choose not to like My Chemical Romance, that’s just how it is.. I think…. Do I choose not to like MCR? I know that they grate on my nerves! I love that there are people out there that do though, because that is what makes life interesting. Why the negativity? People liking different acts than me, gives me a better chance at getting tickets for things that I want to do; there is less competition.

    Diversity shouldn’t be a bad thing Josh. Are you perhaps a closet Justin fan? Otherwise, I can’t figure out why you are so passionate on this topic. You may not like every form of music out there, or every artist, but at least we are able to listen to what we like. Others should be so fortunate. In the meantime, you can listen to what you want to in your car, and I will do the same. Lets play nice.

    Josh says: I’m more making fun of the whole petition fuss. You must admit, that’s a little ridiculous.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I don’t know that I would find that ridiculous. Its been done before for rock artists has it not? Many times the fans appreciate the artist more than the other way around, so the fans have to do something big to get the artist to take notice. Its a very sad state of affairs. I’m much happier paying my $5 to see my favourite acts at a bar, but I know that they have show goals that are a little loftier.

    I can appreciate your opinion, and stance but if Muse really does do a North American tour with a show in Van and one in Winnipeg while leaving Alberta off of the list entirely, I would be the first in line to sign a petition asking them to play here. Ridiculous? Maybe… but that is a show that I would really appreciate and always remember.

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