Racist Smurfs

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Click to EnlargeI was at my aunt and uncles place out in Cochrane over the holidays. They have an enormous bag of Smurf figures that their nieces love to play with. All but one of them are the typical blue and white, in various activities from sports to business. What about the other one? He’s black. And he’s angry. Of all the smurfs, the angry, devil-like one is a black man. Where is Reverend Al when you need him? 

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  1. mm Says:

    I wonder if this is the “GNAT” smurf. There was an episode where they were passing on some sort of disease by biting each other on the bottom. Google “gnat gnat” and see what you come up with.

  2. mm Says:

    Apparently someone has determined the root of the black smurf…


  3. BigTom Says:


    Explained in full. Gnap Gnap Gnap!!!!

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