Prince The Dog

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princedog.jpgPrince the dog came by the studio today with Cheryl from The Calgary Humane Society. He’s an American Eskimo - a small version of a Samoyed - and is 11 years old. His owners had to move overseas, and couldn’t bring him along. Despite his age, he’s really peppy. He has a pretty thick coat, so will need pretty regular grooming.

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  1. Ang Says:

    Has anyone expressed interest in this dog at all? I’m so sad to hear that his owners had to leave him and wonder why? He is 11 years with someone and now he is in a kennel???? I’m interested in knowing if he has been taken or not….he needs a good loving home for his last few years here…please lemme know.

    Josh says: Just checked the Humane Society website, and looks like he’s still there. Poor guy.

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