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Today on Josh’s Big Box O CDs I featured a track from one of my favourite albums of 2006. The band is Midlake, and the song I played was Roscoe from the album The Trials of Van Occupanther. One of the biggest Midlake cheerleaders is Jason Lee from the TV show My Name is Earl. He mentions the band often. They were recently nominated for three Plug Independant Music Awards: Indie Rock Album of the Year (The Trials of Van Occupanther,) Song of the Year(Roscoe,) and Video of the Year (Young Bride.) I recently mentioned on the Rock Report that The Chemical Brothers are big Midlake fans, and singer Tim Smith will lend his voice to a song on the new Chemical’s album due out this summer.

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  1. AT Says:

    Hearing Midlake (!) while driving home made my afternoon the other day.

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