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doucheguys.jpgI still am amused on a daily basis by the website Hot Chicks with Douchebags, which is described as “pictures of hot chicks with total and complete douchebags. With commentary.” You’ve gotta check it out. Lots of HCwDBs in Calgary bars. I think the one at the link might be a Calgary douchebag.

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  1. emma Says:

    I think this city is the capital when it comes to HCWDB…must be something in the water….its an epidemic….

    sadly there is a lot of DB males here *le sigh* :(
    and loads of good looking girls :D….go figure…. lol. :S ;)

    -Emma :)

  2. billy Says:

    i totally agree with what emma is saying in the last comment, us guys can be such DB’s. i don’t know the reason for it but im saying this… there are lots of good guys still left in Calgary. and im one of them still trying to meet a nice girl.

  3. emma Says:

    I just wanted to clarify I wasn’t painting all the men in this city with the DB brush as there are more guys like Billy of the un-DB nature.

    I’m still thinking we should check the water though for Douch-Bag contaminants.

    Or host an anti douch bag party

    :S lol

    Have a good one :)

    -Emma (again) ;)

  4. Jenn Says:

    I like the idea of the anti douch bag party but that prolly won’t work. The DB’s are good at playing a little game called pretent your a good (well most of them can play it) and most chicks fall for it, then fail to accept when things have changed. I have fallen prey to this a couple times. (Not saying all guys, more or less saying watch out).

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