True humiliation

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x92_before.jpgLynch and I are in the midst of a big fitness challenge at True Fitness Spa and Wellness. We’re just about halfway through the four month program, and now we’re trying to figure out how to humiliate the loser. Or as I like to call it: humiliate Lynch. We’re looking more for embarassment than pain or gross stuff. Maybe run down 17th at lunch-hour in an X92.9 thong? What do you think?

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  1. AT Says:

    Do it!!!

  2. Stuart Says:

    I think the thong works, but a better idea would be the loser has to have a Mr. Universe style Flex in a very public place (outside the RV in the Chinook Parking lot) so that everyone watching will know what won’t cut it in a serious true fitness contest.

  3. Trisha Says:

    Running?…not so much.
    People only get a quick glance. Make him interveiw ppl(on 17th) on there thoughts of his body in those very tight manties lol.
    Or even an X929 thong bikini that obviosly has to be a couple sizes to small.

  4. Emma Says:

    I agree with Trish….no running due to only glances available….definatly do the interview thing and not just for an hour….its got to be an entire afternoon, 17th, Kensington, somewhere downtown!!! Oh and give him a little podium to stand on so he stands out above the crowd! Mega-phone and airhorn in tow to help draw the crowds in….followed by a game of street hockey.

    Hahahahaa I can’t wait to hear how this goes down!!!

  5. Kelso Says:

    I would say that you should wear the whole bikini, with X92.9 on the top two “triangles” of fabric as well as on the rear. And do what Trish says about the interviewing. That would be great because then you have to stand there, humiliate yourself, have a straight face and interview on some stiff collar topic…That to me…sounds funny.

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