Hol(l)iday Stalker

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genewilder.jpgGot two new calls for you. One came just before I headed out to Florida. It came after more than a month of no calls. The second one was just after I returned from Flroida and before the holidays.

Click on ‘em to listen: 

Biggest Fan December 7th

Biggest Fan December 20th

2 Responses to “Hol(l)iday Stalker”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Would love to hear the estranged husbands call as well , only caught the tail end of it live

  2. Sonyah Says:

    Bwahah, what a crazy biznatch.
    If you do decide to meet her make sure the police are hiding around the corner..
    Oh, and I want to hear this husband threatening you :S

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