Calgary’s Douchiest?

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Was on my Facebook over the long weekend, and came across a profile too good to be true. One of my favourite websites is Hot Chicks With Douchebags, and one of their perennial favourites is a guy named Joey Porsche, a douchebag in the style of the Growing Up Gotti kids. Joey:


I didn’t think someone as ridiculously douchey and hilarious as Joey Porsche actually existed in Calgary. But I think I found him. Unfortunately, he shares my first name. The bad fake tan, the frosted tips, the ridiculous designer sunglasses, the coiffed brows, the tough-guy posing, the pursed lips, the bling, the wanna-G style, the giving the camera the finger, the designer duds…behold:


The only positive is that unlike Cancer, there is a cure. Douche is a choice.

10 Responses to “Calgary’s Douchiest?”

  1. jim dangle Says:

    I love how this douche bag is posing wearing his mom’s isotoner gloves, what a douche

  2. Ryan(giveKeinBaconanOscar) Says:

    SOOO, is the last name a fake? Betcha he drives a piece of crap with a muffler that sounds like a lawnmower.

  3. aj Says:

    go to you tube and type in “new hair cut” its this guy just fuckin totally makin fun of those gotti douche bags lol it is definatly worth watching

  4. Had to post this Says:

  5. Scooter Says:

    I love the fact that in half the pics he has a black eye. I’m guessing they were taken months apart.

  6. BoxBoy Says:

    is there like a law we can pass that will suppress douchiness? like seriously. its terrible.

    Josh says: we need to get the politicians involved to clean up the douche!

  7. KELSO Says:

    This guy is embarassing to look at. If I ever see him, I will laugh out loud, and maybe his skanky little twit woman in the picture will come after me with her douche bag self. What a friggin laugh that would be!

    Id kick her in the teeth…LOL

  8. MickDaddy Says:

    This guy has graduated from Blue Steel to Magnum! I am not so embarassed for him as I am for the women sharing his bed. Yikes! Talk about hitting rock bottom!

  9. CJ Says:

    I work with a Jay Douche. He’s way worse than this guy….just a bag of laffs.

  10. Alfred WIllington Says:

    Douchebaggery McDouche bag. God what a douche. Douche diddly ouche ouche.

    Yep… a douche.

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