More Telemarketing

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phonepanty.jpgThey call, we chat…about panties…

What are you wearing?

Telemarking Sickness

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sickphone.jpgWe still get the occasional telemarketer calling the station. Lately it seems like almost daily we get a call from a recorded voice telling us we’ve won a trip to Florida, or somewhere else warm. Another one came in recently:

Telemarketing Sickness

Gatorland Telemarketer

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gatorland.jpgIf you’re terrified of snakes, there’s a certain kind of therapy that calls for seeing lots of snakes to help you get over your fears. Is there something like that for alligators? I got one of those telemarketing calls that tells you you’ve won a trip to Florida, and to press 9 to collect you prize. I pressed 9, and here’s the rest:


Telemarketing Weed

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van.jpgThis is the second telemarketing call I’ve received in the past few weeks, and the second call from the Calgary Herald’s phone centre since I came on air.

Herald Weed

Cruise Telemarketer

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telemarketer4.jpgIt had been awhile since I’d received a telemarketers call on the show, and then we got this one. Basically I answered the phone and a computer recording told me I’d won a cruise, and if I wanted to claim it, press 9. I did, and this is what I got:

Cruise Telemarketer

Herald Sunshine Girl

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newspaper_3.gifThe Calgary Herald still owes me $2.50! There’s a newspaper box at 9th and 17th beside Nellie’s that took my money, but wouldn’t open up. I called the first time when it took my buck, and they said they’d mail it. That was a few months ago. Where’s my damn dollar!!! The next time it happened, I didn’t do anything, except grumble to myself…it was a weekend paper!

A telemarketer for the Herald called the station, and this is what happened:

Herald Call

smoking call

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This is the un-edited version of a call I received asking me about smoking.


I don’t actually smoke, and hopefull I’ll be around a bit longer than 6 months.

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