BBQ Stalker

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As promised, I’m running older “stalker” calls at 5:10 every day this and next week, and I’ll post ‘em here. This was call number three, from a BBQ of some kind

 BBQ Stalker Call

(keep in mind, this call came in nowhere near Canada Day)

True humiliation

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x92_before.jpgLynch and I are in the midst of a big fitness challenge at True Fitness Spa and Wellness. We’re just about halfway through the four month program, and now we’re trying to figure out how to humiliate the loser. Or as I like to call it: humiliate Lynch. We’re looking more for embarassment than pain or gross stuff. Maybe run down 17th at lunch-hour in an X92.9 thong? What do you think?

stalker tapes

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stalker.jpgFor the next two weeks, I’m gonna go back and play all the calls I have from my “stalker.” I’m not sure what else to call her. Stalker sounds a little mean. Maybe “superfan?” She calls the show once or twice a week, and we still don’t have a name yet. The first call is up already, a few posts down. Here is the call:

Stalker Call #2

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