Bathroom Etiquette

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bearurinal.jpgIf using the stall for a sit down, don’t use a stall right next to someone, and for the urinals this game is a helpful primer:

The Urinal Game

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  1. -martini- Says:

    wow, what an utterly useless, but also quite awesome game!

  2. haggard Says:

    Ok josh I got one that might even stump you on this whole bathroom etiquette thing. When I am in use of the washroom but doing a lot of field work I am stuck using the ol’ outhouse. Now I was in the washroom doing what needed to be done when one of my co workers also needed to use the washroom, that was currently occupied by yours truly. When discovering this, he decided that it could not wait and he walked around to the rear and began to urinate next to the outhouse. So what the hell is that about?

    Josh says: Wow, I thought I had it bad. It’s especially bad if you were doing sit-down business, as there should be no distractions, aside from a newspaper.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Lol, I hadn’t played that game in years.
    I so agree don’t use a stall right next to someone. At least if it can be helped. Chicks don’t have it as bad, we at least get walls inbetween but if there is choice I make sure there is at least one stall inbetween. Don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t think I could.

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