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I’m always amazed at people who take the time to send random hate mail. There’s nothing constructive here, and it accomplishes nothing. Except maybe to help the writer feel better about themselves. Witness Frank. He recently e-mailed me out of the blue on Facebook. Here’s the conversation:

Frank Gimpelj

Today at 12:03am

YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOKIE WANNA BE !!!!!!!!! AND BURN THAT BOX OF CD”S CAUSE IT SUCKS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Josh Holliday Show

Today at 2:30am

Ummm…thanks for the kind words. Remember, you can change the station anytime you want douchey.


Frank Gimpelj

Today at 5:51pm

whatever fag nuts, didn’t you get chased out of toronto for the same sh!t?????? like i don’t know if you don’t get that you suck or if everyone here has fallen for the promise that you can be a good dj?


Frank Gimpelj

Today at 5:52pm

and believe me the channel changes every time your on!!


Josh Holliday Show

Today at 5:56pm

Oh Frank.


Frank Gimpelj

Today at 6:00pm

i know flatery will get me no where!


Josh Holliday Show

Today at 6:00pm

Exactly! Have a good weekend.


Frank Gimpelj

Today at 6:16pm

well i would say the same but i really hope you dont ….. because then you will blaber on as always and just destroy what a good thing this radio station is for calgary, and by the way when someone comes tothe r.v and says hey whats up a response would be in orderand not just “the stickers are on the counter” ….. retard


Josh Holliday Show

Today at 7:46pm

Did you come by? Sorry if I wasn’t as responsive as I could’ve been. There’s a lot of stuff going on in there, from taking phone calls to running the board, and unlike the edge, we’re there all alone with nobody to help out. Your anger is generally pretty amusing, as was your comment about Bookie. I worked with Bookie for over 10 years, and always liked him and his energy, though he’s totally unique and I have no desire to be him, or do his style of radio. You also complained about the Big Box. In the interest of constructive criticism, what would you rather hear in there?


Frank Gimpelj

Today at 11:09pm

you just dont get it, i would rather listen to RAFFI do your show then you. i just need to get rid of you period… i think they should just let lynch stay on the air as long as he thinks he can and if there is some time left you can say hi or do some annoucments or something just so that you can say you came here and accomplished something, and call your friends in toronto and tell them yoou are on the radio in calgary!!!

I’ve decided not to respond anymore. Frank has obvious anger (and grammar while we’re at it)?issues, and better not to anger him. Frank Angry, Frank Hit!!! Grrrr. And Frank, I’m sorry my show isn’t up to the high standards of a hit TV show like Married With Children.

12 Responses to “Random Hate”

  1. nananess Says:

    Wow. That was really lame on his part. But you know what? You took that very well, and don’t bother listening to him. You Rock! :)

  2. Andrea Says:

    Agghhhh. screw the haters. You are awesome.

    By the way… “Douchey” is my new favourite insult. Thanks! :)

  3. keith Says:

    Josh, I have to say that your big box is without a doubt the best 5 minutes on X each weekday. It’s a chance to hear something that most of the time I am not familiar with, unlike the other 8 hours a day I listen while I’m at work. Maybe faggy Frank would like you to play Lazy Eye or Paralyzer again during that time?

  4. emma Says:

    I think someone has a crush on you Josh!!! lol jk

    Hope you have a good one! I’ll be listenin when you’re on!!


    -e ;)

  5. Irvine Says:

    The fact that the dood likes Edge more than X is proof he’s a tool. I can hear the same 30 - Three Days Grace songs on my iPod thanks. As for Bookie, great guy, but let’s get real. Him being on Edge is like a master chef working at A&W

  6. what a cracker Says:

    Josh you do a fine job, the guy feels insecure and his wife will surely cheat on his sorry ass. Cheers to you.

  7. Jenn Says:

    Lots of hate mail. I love how it ticks them off when you just act like no offense is taken from it and then you make a comment like for example yours, have a good weekend. I usually end off with Have a good life hope things go well for you. Its just great how pissed off they get after a comment like that. Learnt that working in retail. Heehee, something good came of it. I actually recently said that to someone that said they were gonna kick my @$$, haven’t heard back from her. :) Works like a charm. It sucks that you guys get so much hate mail, I think you guys are great, and the station is superb and well thats about all I can say. Keep up the good attitude and don’t let these posers get you down. Remember Karma is a B**ch.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Hey Josh! Just wanted to say that I think you are a pretty funny guy and keep up the awesome radio show! Take Care!!! :)

    Josh says: Thanks for the nice words, and for tuning in to the show.

  9. Chas Says:

    <p>Hey josh,<br />
    He has issues, if he has a girlfriend or is married she is only there for the car and a bit of money, that is if he has one, anyways you’re awesome, radio couldn’t find a better host.</p>

    <em>Josh says: Thanks!</em>

  10. Mark A Says:

    Hey Josh, that guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. I listen to X all the time and like all the DJs. Don’t change a thing. X92.9 kicks ass.

    Josh says: Thanks Mark!

  11. Mika L Says:

    What a Douche!
    Josh and Lynch kick ass! like… Optimus Prime!

    Josh says: Optimus Prime says Stay in School!

  12. Phil Says:

    10 to 1 says this guy totally expected you to stop your show and leave dead air, so he could chat with you about how he would run the station. I wonder does he also expect his buddies to leave work in mid afternoon and hang out on 17th to check out high school girls? What a prime example of a douchbag. I loved that Married With Children jab…although you know as well as I do that it went completely over his head.

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