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singles.jpgAs you might know, I moved to Calgary from Toronto at the beginning of the year. I have a few relatives here, but they have the kids thing going on. I’ve made friends with people at the radio station, but many of them came from other places too.

I’m not much for meeting people in bars. It’s a tough environment to get to know someone. I’ve always found the best way to meet interesting women is through friends. Here in Calgary I don’t have a ton of local friends, so it’s kinda tough.

Out of curiosity, I started browsing some of the dating sites like Lavalife (paid), Plenty of Fish (free) and OK Cupid (free). Some interesting people there, but again it’s not really casual social, but people aggressively trying to meet people.

We’re still working on some singles events that’ll hopefully be able to bring together X-listeners who like good music for starters.

As for me…still looking, but not desperately.

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  1. Justin Says:

    I have tried alot of dating services, seems like the people you would like to meet off of the service only signed up for fun, well if you dont want to meet someone why did you sign up? I’ve come to the verdict that dating services are a joke and dont work, but neither does meeting people in real life, so where does that leave us?

  2. Craig Says:

    Geez Josh, I’m so feeling your pain. After immigrating from So.ON 6 years ago I was in a similar boat. Took a couple years of gratuitous failures on internet dating sites until I finally quit. Which is exactly when I worked on my circle of friends, met my fiance through one of my coworkers and lived happily ever after. The old adage of it finding you when you least expect it (and/or stop looking) still holds true.
    Keep the faith my friend and pretend you don’t care. :)

  3. Jennie Says:

    You’re right Josh, the bar scene is the WORST place to go looking for love…as for a one nighter? Pretty sure you’ll get what your looking for. Just make sure your not too drunk when you pick this one up, or you’ll get a wicked shock in the morning.
    As for pubs, they aren’t so bad. You can mingle a lot easier and you’ll usually find girls there that enjoy having fun and being themselves. Like my group of friends and I. Don’t lose hope just yet…

  4. SteveWeizer Says:

    Im in the same boat as u Josh, i find it hard to meet women as well, it seems to me that they are only into themselves and arent into meeting a nice guy like me at all, or maybe im just going to the wrong places. I dont think those dating services work for me either so whats a guy to do?

  5. Tyler Prids Says:

    defenitly hit up the pubs Josh! Im still a young buck myself so i find it easyer to meet grisl through my friends in university (im a welder, not many girls in the trades). i find the pubs liek craig said are alot more personal and you cna meet alot of people if you go out on a flames game or a friday.

  6. Autumn Says:

    Male and females are equally retarded, specially when it comes to dating. Those sites are not horrid, but a pain for sure. and well frankly, im pretty young but meeting people in bars, seems like you just meet the same guys over and over and over, and what are they looking for??? mmm?? Tail. Which is fine, for some. And others who aren’t looking for that, and would rather go to a bar to socalize, and not get hit on, haha!!
    oh wellz, try being outragious or something. i give a guy credit if he does something ballsy. but dont go too far and make it creepy!! haha.

  7. ems Says:

    Hey Josh….

    It is a totally hard city to meet people in, especially for the guys, apparently there are 20,000 more men than women in this city!! (My jaw dropped @ that stat.) There are no real casual places to pick up a girl/guy unless one comes off as a complete creep or dork (that being me….dam my odd sense of humour). My experience with the ‘net dating thang scared the crap outta me so I just don’t do it….its not worth it. (There are some true freeeks on there plus people tell you they are someone they are not and then when you meet….you see how much they lied to you) I don’t drink soooo the bar things out (the joys of getting old….f….25 this year *le sigh*) and all my friends are gettin hitched and makin babbbbies (there is a HUGE baby boom going on in this city)…. so for a single person….this city is brutal.
    I think your idea is a good one :D Kudos :)


  8. Jenn Says:

    I totally don’t recommend the bar scene, or dating people you meet in those chat lines. My brothers been trying that and I just keep hearing horror stories of how horrible us females are. Stick with what everyone else said and check out come pubs. Best place can meet people. Even if you just meet some guys….. they may know chicks. At least most of the guys I know, know lots of chicks. Best of luck to you. If you find somewhere to meet lots of singles other than via the chat lines, let me know. I could use a point in the right direction too…. no girls for me though. Lol.

  9. Chris Says:

    Josh I dissagree with everyone you should try a swingers club..Im sure you will have alot of fun and prob a hook up or two or three…hahaha


    Josh says: will you take me, I’m scared.

  10. Stacey Says:

    Hey Josh,
    Totally feel you pain, as I am newly (as of 3 years) single too and just moved back to Calgary. I have tried the same places as you with no luck!! I have tried the dating thing since I’ve been back in Calgary but that didn’t turn out so good for me. I’m not that old (mid 30ish) but the last and only I guy I’ve dated well when he met my daughter well, liked her better. So I could also use a point in the right direction as a girl . . . no guys for me!! I so agree this city is very brutal for single people.

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