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rejection.jpgI’d heard about services like this in the past, but usually in other cities. Well, now there’s a local number you can use at your discretion. I’m guessing it’s mostly ladies who have to deal with persistent guys.

I’m not sure I’m totally agree with using it as the first option. It’s more if the guy is super-persistent or a giant douchebag. In fact, if it’s a giant douchebag, it would be fun to use it right off the bat. For examples of douchebags check out Hot Chicks With Douchebags. Meantime, here’s the recording one hears when dialing 775-9982:


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  1. Emma Says:

    Here are the ones for when you are around Canada

    204-272-3976 (Winnipeg)
    250-984-0686 (Victoria)
    403-775-9982 (Calgary)
    514-667-0361 (Montreal)
    519-488-2355 (London)
    613-686-3620 (Ottawa)
    647-476-4910 (Toronto)
    778-786-8557 (Vancouver)
    780-669-5270 (Edmonton)
    905-963-0318 (Hamilton)




  2. Matt Says:

    I used to live in arizona and a radio station had the same “rejection number” deal, but the number was linked to an answer machine.

  3. Kelso Says:

    This is seriously wikid hilarious. I have told everyone that walks past my desk. I am still laughing. I called my sister in Edmonton and told her the number there. Its great. Thank you for making my otherwise dreary day, hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Claudia Says:

    NOO!!! why did you put this up!
    now when i go out i can’t give that number anymore because everyone knows it…haha
    dang, i’ll just have to make up another number now

    Josh says: So, ummm, Claudia, What’s your number?

  5. Jenn Says:

    I agree with Claudia. Now what the heck are we supposed to do. Its alot easier to give a number you know, then to just make one up.
    Unless you’ve got other ideas to rid the creeps that just don’t take no as an answer.

    Josh says: give them 238-9929. (238-X929)

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