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Here are some reasons to have more sex, courtesy of Men’s Health:

  • Sex as exercise. Making love three times a week burns off 7,500 calories over the course of a year, which is equal to jogging 75 miles.
  • The heavy breathing that goes along with sex raises the amount of oxygen in your cells, which helps keep organs functioning at their best.
  • When men have sex, or do any type of physical workout, they release testosterone into their system. This testosterone works to help keep men’s bones and muscles strong.
  • Having regular sex can lower your cholesterol level.
  • Did you know having sex can actually HELP your headache. The excitement that comes with sex lower levels of certain types of pain.
  • Sex is known to lower stress levels.
  • Regular lovemaking can increase a woman’s estrogen, which can protect her heart and keep her vaginal tissues more supple.

2 Responses to “Have more sex”

  1. J Says:

    easier said then done… hey what ever happened to that singles night? did it fall through?

    josh says: I’m still working on it…tough battle!

  2. emma Says:

    am printing this one out.



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