Guitar Hero IV Tracklisting

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Rawk On!What appears to be the tracklisting for Guitar Hero IV: World Tour has leaked online. The game is expected out this winter. Here’s the list:

‘Dope Nose’ - Weezer
‘The Middle’ - Jimmy Eat World
‘Today’ - Smashing Pumpkins
‘Roland’ - Interpol
‘Santeria’ - Sublime
‘Mr Brightside’ - The Killers
‘Take It On The Run’ - REO Speedwagon
‘Hold The Line’ - Toto
‘Rebel Yell’ - Billy Idol
‘Heartbreaker’ - Pat Benatar
‘All Around Me’ - Flyleaf
‘Misery Business’ - Paramore
‘Stinkfist’ - Tool
‘Lateralus’ - Tool
‘Schism’ - Tool
‘Every Breath You Take’ - The Police
‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ - The Offspring
‘The Good Left Undone’ - Rise Agaisnt
‘Bleed It Out’ - Linkin Park
‘Face Down’ - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
‘The Kill’ - 30 Seconds to Mars
‘Thank You For The Venom’ - My Chemical Romance
‘Dammit’ - Blink 182
‘When You Heat Stops Beating’ - +44
‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ - The Rolling Stones
‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ - Blue Öyster Cult
‘Light My Fire’ - The Doors
‘Give It Away’ - Red Hot Chili Peppers
‘Renegades Of Funk’ - Rage Against The Machines
‘No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn’ - The Beastie Boys
‘Are You Gonna Go My Way?’ - Lenny Kravitz
‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ - Aerosmith
‘Man In The Box’ - Alice In Chains
‘Kickstart My Heart’ - Mötley Crüe
‘Spin The Black Circle’ - Pearl Jam
‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ - Nirvana
‘Car Chase City’ - Tenacious D
‘Everlong’ - Foo Fighters
‘Animal’ - Def Leppard
‘Runaway’ - Bon Jovi
‘Paradise City’ - Guns N’ Roses
‘Song For The Dead’ - Queens of the Stone Age
‘Vasoline’ - Stone Temple Pilots
‘Assassin’ - Muse
‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ - Thin Lizzy
‘Life in the Fast Lane’ - The Eagles
‘Sweet Home Alabama’ - Lynyrd Skynyrd
‘Here to Stay’ - KoRn
‘Dragula’ - Rob Zombie
‘Bat Country’ - Avenged Sevenfold
‘10,000 Fists’ - Disturbed
‘Duality’ - Slipknot
‘Toxicity’ - System of a Down
‘Demise of Sanity’ - Black Label Society
‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ - Dio
‘Heaven and Hell’ - Black Sabbath
‘Crazy Train’ - Ozzy Osbourne
‘The Spirit Of Radio’ - Rush
‘Comfortably Numb’ - Pink Floyd
‘Pull Me Under’ - Dream Theater
‘Beat It’ - Micheal Jackson Feat. Eddie Van Halen
‘Hot For Teacher’ - Van Halen
‘Stranglehold’ - Ted Nugent
‘Warriors Of Time’ - Black Tide
‘Leather Rebel’ - Judas Priest
‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ - Iron Maiden
‘Angel Of Death’ - Slayer
‘Tornado Of Souls’ - Megadeth
‘Master Of Puppets’ - Metallica
‘Johnny B Goode’ - Chuck Berry
‘The Wind Cries Mary’ - Jimi Hendrix
‘Purple Haze (Live)’ - Jimi Hendrix
‘45′ - Shinedown
‘96 Quite Bitter Beings’ - CKY
‘Bombshell’ - Powerman 5000
‘Clavado en un Bar’ - Maná
‘Enjoy the Silence’ - Lacuna Coil
‘Feuer Frei’ - Rammstein
‘Fury Of The Storm’ - Dragonforce
‘Never Too Late’ - The Answer
‘Nottingham Lace’ - Buckethead
‘One Armed Scissor’ - At The Drive-In
‘Satch Boogie’ - Joe Satriani
‘Schrei’ - Tokio Hotel
‘Soul Doubt’ - NOFX

Your Own Private Dinosaur

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For a mere $100,000, you could own awhopping 40-foot long and 12 foot high (at the hips) museum-grade T-Rex replica. They’ll pose him for you, too. Each skeleton is constructed according to your creative needs, allowing you to fashion a more dynamic exhibit. Whether you want your skeleton walking, stalking, attacking, running, jumping or looking your visitors right in the eye. Go to Black Hills Institute for more details.T Rex

Free Money Maybe

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Moola!!!I’m not the most organized person in the world, and I’m not alone. As a result there are all sorts of bank accounts in Canada that were forgotten…many with unclaimed balances. About 225 of the accounts contain more than $50,000, but most are under $10,000. All told, there’s over $320,000,000 in unclaimed money under about 938,000 names. It’s kinda fun to enter your name and names of friends and family in the search engine to see if there’s some money just sitting around. Here’s the search form:

Free Money? 

Rock Band 2 Tracks

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Rock On!The unveiling of the lineup was made at the 2008 E3 Media and Business Summit, where new and updated features of the second edition of the game were also revealed. A total of 84 songs will be included with the game itself, with 20 more to be made available for free downloading in the fall. Among the other artists contributing tracks to Rock Band 2 are Pearl Jam, Metallica, the Allman Brothers, Devo, Paramore, Modest Mouse, Nirvana, the Who, Jimmy Eat World, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more.

  • Rock Band 2 will make its debut on Xbox 360 this September, and will be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and Wii systems later this year.
  • The official Rock Band 2 track listing is:
    1. AC/DC - “Let There Be Rock”
    2. AFI - “Girl’s Gone Grey”
    3. Alanis Morissette - “You Oughta Know”
    4. Alice in Chains - “Man In The Box”
    5. Allman Brothers - “Ramblin’ Man”
    6. Avenged Sevenfold - “Almost Easy”
    7. Bad Company - “Shooting Star”
    8. Beastie Boys - “So Whatcha Want”
    9. Beck - “E-Pro”
    10. Bikini Kill - “Rebel Girl”
    11. Billy Idol - “White Wedding Pt I”
    12. Blondie - One Way Or Another”
    13. Bob Dylan - “Tangled Up In Blue”
    14. Bon Jovi - “Livin’ on A Prayer”
    15. Cheap Trick - “Hello There”
    16. Devo - “Uncontrollable Urge”
    17. Dinosaur Jr. - “Feel the Pain”
    18. Disturbed - “Down With The Sickness”
    19. The Donnas - “New Kid In School”
    20. Dream Theater - “Panic Attack”
    21. Duran Duran - “Hungry Like the Wolf”
    22. Elvis Costello - “Pump It Up”
    23. Fleetwood Mac - “Go Your Own Way”
    24. Foo Fighters - “Everlong”
    25. The Go-Go’s - “We Got the Beat”
    26. The Grateful Dead - “Alabama Getaway”
    27. The Guess Who - “American Woman”
    28. Guns N’ Roses - “Shackler’s Revenge”
    29. Interpol - “PDA ”
    30. Jane’s Addiction - “Mountain Song”
    31. Jethro Tull - “Aqualung”
    32. Jimmy Eat World - “The Middle”
    33. Joan Jett - “Bad Reputation”
    34. Journey - “Anyway You Want It”
    35. Judas Priest - “Painkiller”
    36. Kansas - “Carry On Wayward Son”
    37. L7 - “Pretend We’re Dead”
    38. Lacuna Coil - “Our Truth”
    39. Linkin Park - “One Step Closer”
    40. Lit - “My Own Worst Enemy”
    41. Lush - “De-Luxe”
    42. Mastodon - “Colony of Birchmen”
    43. Megadeth - “Peace Sells”
    44. Metallica - “Battery”
    45. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - “Where’d You Go”
    46. Modest Mouse - “Float On”
    47. Motorhead - “Ace of Spades”
    48. The Muffs - “Kids in America”
    49. Nirvana - “Drain You”
    50. Norman Greenbaum - “Spirit in the Sky”
    51. The Offspring - “Come Out & Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)”
    52. Panic at the Disco - “Nine In The Afternoon”
    53. Paramore - “That’s What You Get”
    54. Pearl Jam - “Alive”
    55. Presidents of the USA - “Lump”
    56. Rage Against the Machine - “Testify”
    57. Ratt - “Round & Round”
    58. Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Give it Away”
    59. The Replacements - “Alex Chilton”
    60. Rise Against - “Give it All”
    61. Rush - “The Trees”
    62. Silversun Pickups - “Lazy Eye”
    63. Smashing Pumpkins - “Today”
    64. Social Distortion - “I Was Wrong”
    65. Sonic Youth - “Teenage Riot”
    66. Soundgarden - “Spoonman”
    67. Squeeze - “Cool For Cats”
    68. Steely Dan - “Bodhitsattva”
    69. Steve Miller Band - “Rock’n Me”
    70. Survivor - “Eye of the Tiger”
    71. System of a Down - “Chop Suey”
    72. Talking Heads - “Psycho Killer”
    73. Tenacious D - “Master Exploder”
    74. Testament - “Souls Of Black”
    75. The Who - “Pinball Wizard”

Josh Holliday’s Facebook Rules

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facebookrules.jpgLast week, British social etiquette advisor Debrett’s issued five “golden rules” for using Facebook. Here are their rules:

1. You don’t have to make friends with people you don’t know. Think before you poke.

2. Wait 24 hours before accepting or removing someone as a friend. The delay will help you gather your thoughts.

3. Birthdays, engagements and weddings are not “virtual” events. Always send cards or phone friends when there is an important event.

4. Think before posting a friend’s photo what you would feel like if it was you.

5. Think carefully about your profile picture. Would you want it to be appearing in your local newspaper?

And, now I present MY rules for Facebook:

Applications. No more than 15 applications! And if you add one, don’t invite every single person on your friends list. I don’t don’t give a sh!t what type of cat I am. The reason MySpace died is partly because there was so much junk on people’s pages that it took forever to load.

Profile Pics. No shirtless pics. Automatic douche. Unless it’s unflattering and/or ironic. If you’re in a couple, this doesn’t mean your profile is shared…you’re still individuals. Profile pics as a couple: ultra-lame. Celebrate your independance! Also, as with any picture, flashing any kind of hand sign (devil horns, the finger, etc.) is tres lame. 

Status Updates. No more than 3 a day. Max! Too many people change them on a second-to-second basis. “Emma is eating candy corn.” 3 minutes later: “Emma enjoyed the candy corn.” 10 minutes later: “Emma feels sick to her stomach.” Also, if you have a gripe with one specific person…email them or write on their specific wall. “Caitlin thinks you are a total bitch” makes no sense to anybody but one person on your friends list. Grammar counts. No “is is.” No “is wants to hang out tonight.”

Tagging. Use your discretion when tagging. If I look terrible in a pic (most of the time) leave the tagging up to me.

Poking. If someone doesn’t return your poke, if you have to try again, wait a week. Poking is like flirting. I always find it a little strange getting poked by guy friends.

That’s it for now, but let’s make this list fluid. Disagree? Post your comments. Add your rules in the comments. Here’s some audio:

The Facebook Rules


Relationship Status

Bad Drunks

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thunderbird.gifTHE WORST WAYS TO GET DRUNK (

  • Tharra: This spirit native to India boasts a 90% alcohol content and is made by fermenting the mash of sugar cane pulp in ceramic containers. One unfortunate characteristic of the stuff is if you let it sit long enough it turns toxic. Tharra kills hundreds of people per year.
  • Russian Aftershave: Many poor Russians have turned to “surrogate” alcohol, which is basically any product with a high alcohol content. Russian aftershaves are a popular item since some have a 97% alcohol content.
  • Thunderbird: It is a “fortified wine” and typically contains 17.5% alcohol. Thunderbird was introduced by Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery after the end of prohibition. It was marketed to low income drinkers in America. Despite its yellow color, Thunderbird turns your lips and tongue black when consumed in large quantities.
  • Pruno: Pruno is a famous jailhouse drink which is typically made from different available fruits, sugar, ketchup, and bread for its yeast. Basically the ingredients are put into a Ziploc bag, heated occasionally, strained and served. It is legendary for its foul taste.
  • Changaa: Changaa is an illegal drink which is popular in Kenya. It is a libation made from distilled grains such as maize and sorghum. Changaa is usually controlled by the criminal gangs who often spike batches with jet fuel, battery acid or formalin. Obviously, this stuff kills many people every year.

Nice To Meet You

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joshstudio1.jpgCalgary’s New Rock Alternative X92.9 FM is now a year-and-a-half old. You may have been there since the beginning, or perhaps are just now discovering us. If we haven’t been properly introduced yet, I host the afternoon show. It runs weekdays from 2-7PM, which includes the 6 O’Clock Rock Report, an hour of music news, interviews and some damn good music. I love that my show has become a two-way connection and always enjoy interacting with you. You can get in touch a whole bunch of ways:

Phone during the show: 403-238-X929 (9929)

Leave a voicemail: 403-670-0210 x 1851


Social Networking: Facebook, MySpace (let’s be friends!)

Feel free to take a browse through the past years’ worth of blog archives, and make sure you bookmark my blog!!!

You Have Bad Taste In Music

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badmusic.jpgI was in a fast food joint over the weekend and my ears were assaulted by the sounds of the Calgary radio station geared towards teenage girls. The scary thing is, I’ve actually heard this music/station in mens’ cars. These men should go to a vet and get neutered. The station also gives out stickers. Got one on your car? You’re advertising your bad taste in music. Here’s the discussion, including a montage of terrible music. (Please be warned that if you have any kind of taste in music, the sounds might hurt your ears):

Bad Music on the Radio

Penthouse Letters

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letters1.jpgI like to talk about sex and/or love on my radio show. This time around, a teenage reading habit came to light. Listen:

Penthouse Letters

You Are Getting Sleeeepy

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  • Make a Plan of Action: When you’re stressed out about the gazillion things you need to accomplish the next day, jot your thoughts down. Seeing the list in writing will help you feel more in control, and knowing you can review it in the morning will help you push it out of your brain for the night.
  • Create a Bedtime Story: If you can’t stop analyzing something that happened earlier in the day, distract yourself with some creative visualization. Picture yourself in a place that’s unrelated to whatever’s dominating your thoughts, and focus on the specifics of the scenario. This distracts you from your stimulating thoughts.
  • Hide the Clock: When you’re wired, any sensory stimulation in the room can make it worse. The biggest culprit: the digital clock. One thing that contributes to sleeplessness is the stress of lying there at 3 a.m. and watching the time go by on the clock.
  • Try the Comb Trick: While lying on your back with your eyes closed, take a comb and make short upward strokes on your right hand. Start at your fingertips, then gradually move to your palm, then to your wrist, then up your arm, all the way to your shoulder. Repeat on the other side.
  • Soak in a Warm Bath: Once you leave the warm water, your core body temperature drops, which can signal the body that it’s time to sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. So if you suspect you’re going to have trouble nodding off, or if you’re in bed but doing more worrying than dreaming, hit the tub for about 15 minutes.
  • Get Busy: The hormones produced at orgasm cause relaxation that often leads to sleep. You figure it out.
  • Melt Into the Bed: Experts say this exercise is the gold standard in go-to-sleep techniques. When your sympathetic nervous system is activated, your muscles tense up, and that keeps you alert. Tame that tension with this exercise: Focus on your feet and try to make them feel very heavy, as if they’re sinking into the bed. Next, focus on relaxing your ankles. Repeat on one small area at a time as you very slowly work your way up your body, until you reach your head.
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