Green beer with Charly?

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greenbeer.jpg“Charly” called again and “he” tried to convince me to hang out with “him” on St. Patrick’s Day, which is over a month away. Here’s the call:

Charly/Stalker Feb 15

4 Responses to “Green beer with Charly?”

  1. Mozzy Says:

    i feel so sorry for you

  2. KELSO Says:

    thats a chick! what a dork! I think its the SAME dumb chick who is stalking you.

    BUT JOSH! is she hot? LOL

  3. KELSO Says:

    Oh my goodness, I just heard the end…she is totally akward! What are you going to do!!! What if she breaks into your house and scatters ROSE petals all over your bed and has crotchless panties on lying on your pillow!

    (i got a little outta control there, forgive me…) but what if man?

    what if??

    LOL. sorry, your misery shouldnt be funny to me, but I dont have a MAN/WOMAN stalker pyscho after me!

    She sounds, well, demented in every sense of the word.

  4. superfunkomatic Says:

    green beer can lead to only one thing…
    green pee!

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