Green beer with Charly?

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greenbeer.jpg“Charly” called again and “he” tried to convince me to hang out with “him” on St. Patrick’s Day, which is over a month away. Here’s the call:

Charly/Stalker Feb 15

More Charly/Stalker

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charly1.jpgWell, he/she called again. It gets weirder and weirder. Here’s the call:

Charly/Stalker February 5th

Charly or Stalker?

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charly1.jpgFriday marked another call from a “guy” who sounds suspiciously like my biggest fan. Also suspicious is the fact that the calls from Charly started the week after my biggest fan said she wasn’t going to call anymore. Hockey and/or cocoa? No thank-you. The call:

 Stalker/Charly Feb 1

Stalker or Not?

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charly1.jpgWell a week after my “biggest fan” told us she wasn’t going to call in anymore, this “guy” calls to tell us how great my “biggest fan” is and how I should give her a chance. Listen: 


No More Stalker?

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littlestalker.jpgI’m not sure what to make of this. My biggest fan was babysitting, and revealed that she doesn’t think she’s going to call anymore. The longest period between calls was about a month, so I’m not totally convinced we won’t hear from her again. In any case here is what might be the final call:

Last Stalker?

Stalker Speed-Dating

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stalker-alert.gifMy Biggest fan (AKA Stalker) calls in, and apparently she’s discovered the world of online and speed-dating. She had two dates in three nights and told us all about them.

January 9 Stalker

January 11 Stalker

New Years Stalker

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stalkercomic.jpgHappy New Year! My biggest fan checks in after what sounds like a pretty interesting New Years celebration:

Jan 2 Stalker

Hol(l)iday Stalker

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genewilder.jpgGot two new calls for you. One came just before I headed out to Florida. It came after more than a month of no calls. The second one was just after I returned from Flroida and before the holidays.

Click on ‘em to listen: 

Biggest Fan December 7th

Biggest Fan December 20th

Triple Biggest Fan

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genewilder.jpgHaven’t had a chance to upload these until now, so you get a triple dose of my “biggest fan.”

The first call is before I head off to Vegas for the weekend and Vegoose:

October 25th Biggest Fan

The second call comes in after she returns from Vegas, when I’ve already returned a week earlier. Apparently her Vegas trip was lonely and kinda boring:

November 5th Biggest Fan

The truth about her Vegas trip comes out, and it’s umm…strange:

November 8th Biggest Fan

“Biggest Fan” costume ideas

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coco-bra.jpgOn Monday, my biggest fan (can’t use the “S” word anymore - too dangerous) called in and discussed some Halloween pranks she likes to play, and wanted me to help her pick a costume. The choices were tough. The image of Gene Wilder wearing a coconut bra is somewhat disconcerting. Listen:

Biggest Fan October 22

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