Moustache Rules and mullets too

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Lynch is growing a sad excuse for a ’stache, so I thought I’d repost the moustache rules:

These are simple rules, with very few exceptions. The mullet hair cut is never cool, not even in an ironic way. The only exception is for hockey players, like Ryan Smyth of the Oil, who have had it for years. Like mandatory helmets, he’s grandfathered in this case. As for moustaches, if you’re under 40 years of age, you shouldn’t have one. They are ridiculous. Exceptions: Cops, gay guys, and guys in bands with super-ironic handlebar or fu manchu styles. I don’t know why cops often have moustaches, but you can’t fight tradition. The moustache seems to play a part in gay culture, and that’s cool too. The worst moustaches are those guys with young or babyfaces who grow a moustache cause they think it makes them look more mature. No. It makes you look more ridiculous.


Sophie the dog

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Cheryl from The Calgary Humane Society stopped in today with a really cute, affectionate young girl named Sophie. Sophie is about 8 months old, is a little skittish around sudden noises or movement, but is quite affectionate and playful. You can find her along with all sorts of other animals of all shapes and sizes up for adoption through the Humane Society.


We have contact

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uhoh.jpgIt’s a new year, with new listeners stumbling across our still-new radio station, Calgary’s New Rock Alternative X92.9 FM. We just celebrated our first anniversary on January 1. You may have been there since the beginning, or perhaps are just now discovering us. If we haven’t been properly introduced yet, I host the afternoon show. It runs weekdays from 2-7PM, which includes the 6 O’Clock Rock Report, an hour of music news, interviews and some damn good music. I love that my show has become a two-way connection and always enjoy interacting with you. You can get in touch a whole bunch of ways:

Phone during the show: 403-238-X929 (9929)

Leave a voicemail: 403-670-0210 x 1851


Social Networking: Facebook, MySpace (let’s be friends!)

Feel free to take a browse through the past years’ worth of blog archives, and make sure you bookmark my blog!!!

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