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prostitute.jpgI was talking to a girl last night, and she told me she was headed out to a pub with a guy. She said it wasn’t a date, and that she was single. Now here’s where it gets interesting. The guy had sent her a dozen red roses at work that day, and she sleeps with him regularly. Why? Well, apparently he does quite well for himself, buys lots of stuff for her and treats her well. I’m guessing he thinks they are in a relationship. She’s early twenties, he’s mid thirties. Basically she’s sleeping with this guy for the monetary perks. Is she a prostitute/escort? Does it matter if the guy doesn’t know her side of things?

I’ve put a poll over to the right —> 

Hitting on Telemarketers

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telemarketing1.jpgCalgary is a lonely city for a single guy, but sometimes, strtange women will call you out of the blue - I call these women Telemarketers. Recently I received two calls from different ends of the age spectrum. Listen:

Silver Fox

Young Hottie

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