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Today on Josh’s Big Box O CDs, a song that had the distinction of charting twice in eight years. And no, it’s not The Proclaimers I’m Gonna Be (5000 miles.) This band put four albums out, and the song first appeared in 1987 on their debut Lovely. They were done by 1991, but in 1995 a new mix of the song appeared on the soundtrack for Dumb and Dumber. The band is The Primitives from Coventry, England, and the song - Crash. We played Crash-the ‘95 Mix.

Messin’ With Sasquatch

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There are a few commercials on TV right now using Sasquatch (A.K.A. Bigfoot) including Boston Pizza, and these ones. The Boston Pizza ones are pretty lame, and I’ve only seen them on TV. These ones for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky are pretty funny, but I’ve never seen them on TV. There are different versions as well - some longer, or too risque for television. You can find them here


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mark-kleiner.jpgThought I’d pull out something warm and sticky out of Josh’s Big Box today. Dirty. I mean warm and fuzzy. Doh! Stop. It’s a crap-tacular day out; the perfect day for some summerish music that hearkens back to an older time. The Mark Kleiner Power Trio are out of Vancouver and Kleiner is the son of a preacher. The trio is no longer together, but the left behind a great power pop album called Love To Night. The song we played is Fell In Love With The Girl. The band and any sort of net presence seems to have pretty much disappeared.

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