Ban Timberlake

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timberlake.jpgApparently there are plenty of people in Calgary who have bad taste in music (and radio for that matter.) So much so that there was an actual petition and effort to convince Justin Timberlake to bring his mediocre brand of music to this city. Well we’ve decided to form a group to ban Timberlake from Calgary, and it looks like it’s been a smashing success, as Justin isn’t coming here on his current tour. Thanks for your support, but make sure you join the facebook group and sign the petition to make sure this monster of mediocrity never comes here.



Justin Winner Call

Wordy wordsmith

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Here’s some new words ‘n phrases. Add ‘em ASAP:

  • Check your vitals: To check your email, myspace, facebook, blog, and/or any daily essential websites.
  • Desperasexual: A person, male or female, who after a long period of not having sex will sleep with anyone who comes along, regardless of gender.
  • Fairymones: A politically incorrect way of explaining how gay men are attracted to gay men.
  • Floordrobe: A form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.
  • Retrosexual: Someone who used to be sexy.

Monday Box

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We’re back to posting Josh’s Big Box O CDs. Eels is pretty much one guy - Mark Oliver Everett - and a cast of revolving musicians. Eels have pretty much flown under the mainstream radar save for the song we heard, Novocaine for the Soul. They’ll have a couple of tracks on the next Shrek movie due out later this year.


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OK, I’ve been a little annoyed and haven’t posted because when the station recently switched servers, I lost about a half-dozen posts. Well, I’m over it, and we’re back to business. I’ll start with contact info again. When I’m on-air and you want to rant or rave about anything, the number is 238-X929. If you want to fire off an e-mail it’s If you’re into the social networking sites you can get show pages here:



Stay in touch.

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