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Here are some new ones:

  • Bipodding: Sharing a single set of headphones attached to one iPod. One person holds the iPod and takes the left earbud, the other takes the right earbud.
  • Lockblock: When one person prematurely tries to open the passenger door on a vehicle while the driver simultaneously tries to unlock the door, causing it to relock and keep the passenger outside.
  • Retox: To start consuming drugs and alcohol again after a hiatus in an effort to avoid the effects of withdrawal.
  • Rock star parking: A parking spot right in front of the club.
  • Technosexual: A person, male or female, who is so deeply enthralled with technology they discuss it with a level of passion that most people reserve for sex.?(R-rated definition:?A person, male or female, who is so enthralled into technology that he/she will interact in?sexual intercourse with the device)
  • Vegi-curious: One who is considering the vegetarian lifestyle, but has yet to make a commitment to it.

Box De Wednesday

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Today on Josh’s Big Box O CDs we feature an act spawned out of the same Athens, Georgia scene that spawned R.E.M. Michael Stipe from R.E.M. actually collaborated with Matthew Sweet early on in both their careers. The song we played was a power-pop masterpiece called Sick of Myself.

You Have Bad Taste

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badtaste2.gifStumbled across this site recently. It’s called You Have Bad Taste In Music, and being a bit of a music snob, I can’t help laughing at some of the videos on here. I’m surprised he didn’t get beaten up, going into some of the bad-music danger zones he did. Check out the videos. The Evanescence and Linkin Park ones are pretty funny. Admitting you have bad taste in music is the first step towards recovery. I ordered a T.

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