I’m Pregnant!

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I spent Easter Sunday afternoon with a gathering of relatives - aunt, uncle, cousins, cousins’ husbands, a bunch of kids made by cousins and cousins’ husbands - out in Cochrane. My one cousin Genevieve is 7-months pregnant and has a big tummy. Her daughter Nashke is 19 months?old, and when I took off my sweater?and just had a T-shirt on, she pointed at my stomach and said “baby.” Ouch! After?a spanking, and a long time out, I tried to explain to her?that I need to get in shape. OK. There was no spanking or timeout - just some laughter. At my expense. I definitely need to get in shape. Before I moved to Calgary I would walk everywhere and was playing?in a hockey league twice a week. I came to Calgary at the beginning of January and have played hockey once. I try to get out walking on the weekends. I spend 5 hours a day sitting on a small padded seat in an RV. It’s like being in the zoo. I have a well appointed cage, can get up, but can’t really go very far…and occasionally strangers will feed me.

The good news? I’m?going to play some summer hockey twice a week starting soon, I’ve settled into my place and might actually eat in at least once a week, and the novelty of having lots of beers with new radio?friends has worn off. A little. Plus it’s?getting warm (hopefully!) and I’m going to try and walk more. Here’s some pics of me with some of my cousins’?hilariously hurtful children:


(The one who made the “baby” comment is in the front)

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