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I talked briefly today about how I’m kind of annoyed that not only does the Globe and Mail have the banal Leah McLaren, they also have former National Post banal female writer Rebecca Eckler doing a “Mommy Blog.”?I then recieved this message on MySpace:

Dude I like you I do I like your taste in music and I do think your funny….But I have to say your getting annoying. Your talking about annoying chicks in the paper…well don’t you think some of the things out of your mouth are unnessary? Ie Douche. I just don’t want to to go the route of other DJ’s in this city. And super cheesy pic of you and a chick on your blog…lame! Don’t be offended, I just don’t want to have to switch stations…..:( I love x

The interesting thing is that the MySpace profile has no friends (except Tom of course) and very little detail or picture and is under the name “Ladybug.” I’m guessing someone created a MySpace profile, just so they could send this anonymous note. I think Rebecca Eckler calls Calgary home, so is this a friend, or just a rabid supporter. Although, I should mention, I guess those columns aren’t really geared towards me - much like my show isn’t really geared towards people who read those columns. So I won’t read them, and she doesn’t have to listen. Deal!

Monday’s Box

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Today on Josh’s Big Box O CDs I played a Carpenters cover song by Sonic Youth. It’s from a 1994 compilation called If I Were a Carpenter. The song they covered is Superstar. Pretty nice video:

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