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  • To fly naked - To fly somewhere with the bare-minimum of belongings, and purchase the rest when you get there.
  • Retro shopping - Continuing to compare prices for an item after you’ve already purchased it.
  • “I’m not gay” seat - The empty seat in a movie theater that two males often leave between them to show the rest of the audience that they are straight.

Dumbass writes

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I?talked about how there are plenty of bars in Calgary that put the Leafs games on TV, which is good, but?none that I’ve been to actually put the sound on for the games. I said that I’d even been to a bar in Los Angeles where they had a room with the Leafs game and the sound on.

I also explained that the Leafs have been my team since birth,?BUT, that now that I live in Calgary my team is the Flames…unless they play the Leafs. That happens once every year or three. So basically I’m a new Flames fan. I’ve actually cheered on the Flmaes in the playoffs in the past few years before coming here. After this discussion, the following unsigned e-mail arrived in my inbox from a J369:

?SUBJECT: Wake up, this is not Toronto bud

I just got home, turned on the radio and some guy was going on and on
and on and on, whining about the Leafs. And ended up telling the bars in
town to turn on the Leafs games and turn on the sound. Wake up, this is
Calgary, where you live, work, enjoy low taxes, good wages, job
opportunities, and great standard of living. Support your home community and
everything that goes with it, include the sports teams, or go back to
the ex-centre of the universe. 92.9 is not on my radio any more, but CJAY
stays - they support Calgary And I will actively encourage everybody I
know to do the same.

I told him I don't want him listening to my show anymore.

smoking call

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This is the un-edited version of a call I received asking me about smoking.


I don’t actually smoke, and hopefull I’ll be around a bit longer than 6 months.

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