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dog-poop.jpgIt’s spring and the blossoming has begun. Turd blossoms. If you own a dog, pick up after it, otherwise you shouldn’t have a dog. Owning a dog comes with responsibilities, and if you can’t pick up its poop, then?you’re not responsible enough. If your dog poops under a bush, where nobody is likely to ever tread, you get away with a warning. If your dog poos?on grass where people can walk, and you don’t stoop ‘n scoop, you should be given a large fine and be sentenced to a few hours of community service picking up dog turds in parks. If your dog takes?a dump on a cement sidewalk or pathway that was designed for people?to walk on, you should have your dog taken away, and not be allowed to own a pet for 3 years. You should also be tied down while a?Great Dane unloads on your chest. Currently it is against the law in Calgary to not pick up after your pet (except on your own property), but the bylaw isn’t particularly well enforced.

I love dogs, but get annoyed at irresponsible owners.

P.S. the Calgary Humane Society has plenty of great pets up for adoption. Another great searchable directory for adoptable pets is

Big Box

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Today we debuted a new feature, Josh’s Big Box O CDs. Happens weekdays at about 4:45PM. These are great songs that have slipped through the cracks. Some are?cool indie tracks, others might be tracks from artists you know - but something a little different.

Today I played?Grandaddy and a song called Now It’s On.

Grandaddy Wikipedia

Here’s the video:

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