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More words to add to your vocabulary:

  • Cinemuck: The combination of popcorn, soda, and melted chocolate which covers the floors of movie theaters.
  • Copafeliac: Somebody who can’t control their urges to grab members of the opposite sex.
  • Drink bait: Term used to describe when a person’s role at a bar is to receive free drinks as gifts from unknown people and then give them to his/her friends instead. Typically played by a female, who will give her free drinks to her male buddies.
  • Multislacking: Doing multiple slacker-esque things at one time, like watching TV, eating pizza, and chatting online.
  • Vacationship: A long-distance relationship in which the couple only gets together for idyllic vacation-like excursions, therefore avoiding the “real-life” issues of dating.


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I got a really surprising e-mail this afternoon:

Just an FYI - the F word is as offensive to the Homosexual community as the N word is to the Black Community. Until yesterday afternoon, I had been so thankful to have a station with some balls and music with some heart..but I would seriously rather listen to Celine Dion, Brian Adams and Nickleback 24 hours straight than the hateful and homophobic words I heard coming from you yesterday as you explained that despite your enjoyment of ANTM and your excitement over the Season Premier - you are absolutely not a F***** !!I seriously hope that you just didnt know how disgusting that word is to the Gay Community, and will make a point to scratch that word form your vocab!

And here’s what I e-mailed back:

Wow. Your letter surprised me, as I’ve often referred to myself as the gayest straight guy I know. I work with gay people, I play with gay people. I’m not sure if you heard the whole segment, but I was mentioning that I really liked

America’s Next Top Model, and then imitated in a redneck voice the typical homophobic a$$hole and what they might say about that - “What are you, some kinda faggot? yer as queer as a three-dollar bill!” etc. Homophobes make me angry. I’m not sure if you heard us tackle the issue of the homophobic NBA player last week, but I had an on-air debate with some homophobic guy who said he wouldn’t want a gay guy in the same locker room because it would make him feel uncomfortable - I told him that was ridiculous…if he was uncomfortable, he should be the one changing in another room. I would never use the word faggot as part of my own vocabulary. But as a homophobic character trying to point out the typical stupidity of homophobes, I think it’s fine. I’d be glad to discuss with you anytime via e-mail or phone. Have a good week

Urbane Magazine

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There’s a great feature article on the station and profiles of all the DJs in the March edition of Urbane Magazine. It was a free pullout in today’s (Wednesday) Calgary Sun. If you missed the paper, I’m told it will be distributed?the rest of the month at various hotspots throughout the city. In all of my pictures, I seem to have a double chin. I’m on the cover with Roger Kingkade, and there’s a profile picture inside. And as a special bonus, there’s a picture of me in the RV. I look pretty harsh, but it was sort of a surprise photo shoot. They edited some of the interview questions I submitted, and if I can find my original, I’ll post the full piece here soon. They asked what my favourite song is, and I said “The Mexican Hat Dance because I like Mexicans. And hats.”

Here are a few pictures that didn’t make the magazine:


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