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Got another funny hate e-mail today.

?Josh Sucks | | IP:

Man you really are a loser. The ?make out inside RV? plan didn?t work, the ?put the X sticker in the boobs? didn?t work either, and now you?re begging for other singles to join you on the hunt? Lame?.

If you stop putting your mom on the air then maybe people wouldn?t think you?re a pussy?. well a big maybe?

You are the most annoying and unfunny DJ in calgary. Oh and I noticed you stopped bitching about how bad calgarians are in driving? How?s that speeding ticket and the crashed car? lol

?Wouldn’t it be easier for you to turn the dial to another station, as every other DJ in Calgary is more entertaining and funny? Yet, you seem to have heard all sorts of stuff on my show. Just turn the dial man, don’t torture yourself. Find a station that’ll make Brokeback-style jokes…cause that is definitely Hi-larious! I’m not begging anyone…just trying to help out the singles, myself included. I have not stopped bitching about Calgary drivers. There are many terrible, over-cautious drivers in this city. There are also many left lane hogs. I got a speeding ticket, but so what? I also got into a bumper scratching collision, because of sheer ice. My opinion hasn’t changed.

Now please turn the station to one that will make funny poop and gay jokes, as I don’t want you listening anymore. I try to cater the show to smart people, so obviously the show just isn’t for you.

P.S. if you’re not?a teenage girl, you shouldn’t be using?”lol”


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Queens of the Stone Age are finishing up their new album and released this demo of them in the studio…

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