Whistling Song

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It’s called Young Folks?by Peter Bjorn and John.

I like it. Lynch and my boss don’t. It’s catchy dammit!

There’s actually a funny blog called Stop Peter Bjorn and John.

What do you think?

Wednesday’s Box

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Today we played something from one of my Top 3 all-time albums. The band is now called dios (malos). Before they were called just dios. Ronnie James Dio, the hard rock meathead, sent the band a cease-and-desist letter because he thought the name was too close to his band’s name?Dio.

The first album blew me away. Pure genius. I waited and waited for a second album - hoping for more gold. The album came out, I bought it same day…and cried myself to sleep. I didn’t really cry, but I was really disappointed. They went from this interesting mix of folky, Beach-Boyish, electronic spiced music, to a fairly average sounding rock band. The third album marked a slight return to the style of the first, but it’ll be tough to top their debut.

The song I played was You Make Me Feel Uncomfortable.

Dios on MySpace

A video from a song on the same album.

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