Hot Chicks with Douchebags

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douche.jpgMy friends and I would always notice that hot girls seemed to consistently end up with douchey guys. Take a walk around Calgary, especially in some of the 17th Avenue bars, and you might see it live in person. Yesterday, one of those friends e-mailed me a fantastic website chronicling the phenomenon. Ladies and gentlemen…

Hot Chicks with Douchebags

Thursday’s Box

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This one is from the quintessential 90s indie band Pavement. I played Range Life from the 1994 album Crooked, Crooked Rain: L.A’s Desert Origins. The song I played features namechecks to Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots and is called Range Life. Stephen Malkmus, the main man behind Pavement still does some solo work.

Why look, it’s the video:


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This time around, from Maxim magazine:

  • Bed mine: When the girl you’re dating on the side leaves her underwear in your bed, creating a potential hazard when your real girlfriend/wife comes home.
  • Girlfew: A derivative of curfew. Pertaining to the time at which a girlfriend, wife, or significant female other, tells her man he has to be home. A girlfew is normally imposed when the guy is out with his friends and she’s not invited.
  • Hit the girlfriend button: Pausing an Xbox or Playstation game because your significant other wants to chat.
  • Porky pigging: Wearing a shirt but no pants.

Wednesday Box

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16270illinois.jpg Today on Josh’s Big Box O CDs we played one of my favourite artists of the last few years. Sufjan Stevens‘ album Illinoise is the second in his attempt to make an album for every state. Michigan was the first one, and is also a pretty solid album. We played a song called John Wayne Gacy Jr. about the famous serial killer.

I saw Sufjan in St. Louis this fall, and it was one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had. There was a 14-piece band - including horns, strings, a grand piano, and more. Here’s a (not bad quality) YouTube clip of Sufjan perfroming John Wayne Gacy live:

Tuesday Box

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gump.bmpToday in Josh’s Big Box of CDs I played You’re No Good from Sons of Freedom. It’s found on their album Gump which debuted on the Canadian campus charts at #1 the week it was released. What was #2 the same week? Nirvana’s Nevermind.

Huckabees Hate

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Apparently all was not rosy during the filming of I (Heart) Huckabees.

YouTube has the uncensored arguement, but keep in mind, there are many bad bad words including the F, the C and the S:


Banal Columnists

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I talked briefly today about how I’m kind of annoyed that not only does the Globe and Mail have the banal Leah McLaren, they also have former National Post banal female writer Rebecca Eckler doing a “Mommy Blog.”?I then recieved this message on MySpace:

Dude I like you I do I like your taste in music and I do think your funny….But I have to say your getting annoying. Your talking about annoying chicks in the paper…well don’t you think some of the things out of your mouth are unnessary? Ie Douche. I just don’t want to to go the route of other DJ’s in this city. And super cheesy pic of you and a chick on your blog…lame! Don’t be offended, I just don’t want to have to switch stations…..:( I love x

The interesting thing is that the MySpace profile has no friends (except Tom of course) and very little detail or picture and is under the name “Ladybug.” I’m guessing someone created a MySpace profile, just so they could send this anonymous note. I think Rebecca Eckler calls Calgary home, so is this a friend, or just a rabid supporter. Although, I should mention, I guess those columns aren’t really geared towards me - much like my show isn’t really geared towards people who read those columns. So I won’t read them, and she doesn’t have to listen. Deal!

Monday’s Box

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Today on Josh’s Big Box O CDs I played a Carpenters cover song by Sonic Youth. It’s from a 1994 compilation called If I Were a Carpenter. The song they covered is Superstar. Pretty nice video:

Bono is a Douche

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Here’s some things you might not know about U2’s Bono:

?????????? In the year since it was founded, his Red campaign (licensed to Gap, Motorola, Apple etc) has raised $18 million ? but companies have spent $100 million to market it.

?????????? Bono doesn’t invest his own money in Red.???

?????????? Apple sells a Special Edition U2 iPod. Its profits are not donated to Red.??

?????????? U2 made $389m from the recent Vertigo tour. Its revenue was then funnelled through companies mostly registered in Ireland and structured to minimize taxes.???

??????????? U2 moved its music publishing company to the Netherlands from Ireland in June 2006, six months before Ireland ended a tax exemption on musicians’ royalty income.???

??????????? Richard Murphy, adviser to lobbying group the Tax Justice Network, says “This is somebody ?who’s exceptionally rich taking the opportunity to shift his tax burden to somebody else, but then asking governments around the world to spend that tax take in the way that he would like.”

Box O CDs

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Today in Josh’s Big Box O CDs we featured?white blues duo The Black Keys. They’re from Akron, Ohio and recently toured as the opener for Radiohead. Right now they’re working on a project being produced by Danger Mouse (half of Gnarls Barkley) where they’ll be the back-up band for Ike Turner. Seriously. Pretty weird I know. They put out a pretty sweet album called Magic Potion this year, but my favourite is still Rubber Factory from 2004. They get compared to the White Stripes, and count Robert Plant,?Arctic Monkeys and Metallica among their fans. They were named one of the?10 Best Acts of 2003 by Rolling Stone magazine and appeared on the soundtrack to?School of Rock.?

The song I played is called 10 A.M. Automatic.

The Black Keys on MySpace

Watch the Video

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